Essential Jazz Guitar Chords

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A comprehensive jazz chord dictionary containing essential barre chord and rhythm chord forms. Included are chord forms ranging from major, minor, and dominant 7th shapes to extensions such as minor 7flat5, augmented 11, ninth sharp 5th, 13th and many more! An incredibly handy reference guide for the jazz guitarist. Ideal for both rhythm and chord melody voicings. ©2023


How to Read Chord Diagrams

Major Chords

C, G & D

A, E & B

Gf/Fs, Df?& Af

Ef, Bf?& F

Minor Chords

Cm, Gm & Dm

Am, Em & Bm

Gfm/Fsm, Dfm & Afm

Efm, Bfm & Fm

Dominant Seventh Chords

C7, G7 & D7

A7, E7 & B7

Gf7/Fs7, Df7 & Af7

Ef7, Bf7 & F7

Major Seventh Chords

Cma7, Gma7 & Dma7

Ama7, Ema7 & Bma7

Gfma7/Fsma7, Dfma7 & Afma7

Efma7, Bfma7 & Fma7

Major Sixth Chords

C6, G6 & D

A6, E6 & B6

Gf6/Fs6, Df6 & Af6

Ef6, Bf6 & F6

Minor Seventh Chords

Cm7, Gm7 & Dm

Am7, Em7 & Bm7

Gfm7/Fsm7, Dfm7 & Afm7

Efm7, Bfm7 & Fm

Minor Sixth

Cm6, Gm6 & Dm6

Am6, Em6 & Bm6

Gfm6/Fsm6, Dfm7 & Afm6

Efm6, Bfm6 & Fm6

Seventh Suspended Fourth

C7sus, G7sus & D7sus

A7sus, E7sus & B7sus

Gf7sus/Fs7sus, Df7sus & Af7sus

Ef7sus, Bf7sus & F7su

Diminished #1

C°, Ef°, Gf°, A°, Df°, E°, G°, Bf°, D°,

F°, Af°?& B°

Diminished #2

C°, Ef°, Gf°, A°, Df°, E°, G°, Bf°, D°,

F°, Af°?& B°


C+, E+, Gs+, Cs+, F+, A+, D+, Gf+,

Fs+, Bf+, Ef+, G+ & B+

Major-Minor Seventh

Cma-mi7, Gma-mi7 & Dma-mi7

Ama-mi7, Ema-mi7 & Bma-mi7

Gfma-mi7/Fsma-mi7, Dfma-mi7 &


Efma-mi7, Bfma-mi7 & Fma-mi7

Seven Sharp Five

C7+5, G7+5 & D7+5

A7+5, E7+5 & B7+5

Gf7+5/Fs7+5, Df7+5 & Af7+5

Ef7+5, Bf7+5 & F7+5

Seven Flat Five

C7f5, G7f5 & D7f5

A7f5, E7f5 & B7f5

Gf7f5/Fs7f5, Df7f5 & Af7f5

Ef7f5, Bf7f5 & F7f5


Minor Seven Flat Five

Cm7f5, Gm7f5 & Dm7f5

Am7f5, Em7f5 & Bm7f5

Gfm7f5/Fsm7f5, Dfm7f5 & Afm7f5

Efm7f5, Dfm7f5 & Fm7f5


C9, G9 & D9

A9, E9 & B9

Gf9/Fs9, Df9 & Af9

Ef9, Bf9 & F9

Seven Flat Nine

C7f9, G7f9 & D7f9

A7f9, E7f9 & B7f9

Gf7f9/Fs7f9, Df7f9 & Af7f9

Ef7f9, Bf7f9 & F7f9

Seven Sharp Nine

C7s9, G7s9, D7s9 & A7s9

E7s9B7s9, Gf7s9, /Fs7s9 & Df7s9

Af7s9, Ef7s9, Bf7s9 & F7s9


C69, G69, D69 & A6

E69, B69, Gf69/Fs69 & Df69

Af69, Ef69, Bf69 & F69

Major Ninth

Cma9, Gma9, Dma9 & Ama9

Ema9, Bma9, Gfma9/Fsma9 & Dfma9

Afma9, Efma9, Dfma9 & Fma9

Minor Ninth

Cm9, Gm9, Dm9 & Am9

Em9, Bm9, Gfm9/Fsm9 & Dfm9

Afm9, Efm9, Bfm9 & Fm9

Nine Flat Five

C9f5, G9f5, D9f5 & A9f5

E9f5, B9f5, Gf9f5/Fs9f5 & Df9f5

Af9f5, Ef9f5, Bf9f5 & F9f5

Nine Sharp Five

C9s5, G9s5, D9s5 & A9s5

E9s5, B9s5, Gf9s5/Fs9s5 & D9s5

Af9s5, Ef9s5, Bf9s5 & F9s5


C11, G11, D11 & A11

E11, B11, Gf11/Fs11 & Df1

Af11, Ef11, Bf11 & F11

Augmented Eleven

CAug11, GAug11, DAug11 &


EAug11, BAug11, GfAug11/FsAug11

& DfAug11

AfAug11, EfAug11, BfAug11

& FAug11


C13, G13, D13 & A1

E13, B13, Gf13/Fs13 & Df1

Af13, Ef13, Bf13 & F13

Thirteen Flat Nine

C13f9, G13f9, D13f9 & A13f9

E13f9, B13f9, Gf13f9/Fs13f9

& Df13f9

Af13f9, Ef13f9, Bf13f9 & F13f9

Major Thirteenth

Cma13, Gma13, Dma13 & Ama13

Ema13, Bma13, Gfma13/Fsma13

& Dfma13

Afma13, Efma13, Bfma13 & Fma13