Eric Singer - All Access To Drumming

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For the past two decades, KISS Drummer Eric Singer has remained at the top of the list for "First Call" Rock drummers. In All Access To Drumming, Eric shares his experience, techniques and many other aspects that are essential to survive as a professional drummer in today" s world. From his dad" s society band to LitaFord, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Badlands, Alice Cooper, Brian May and KISS, Eric has mastered the playing techniques and tricks to persevere in the real world of Rock drumming. All Access To Drumming features easy-to-follow instructions helpful tips on warming up, utilizing triplets, gaining independence, playing double bass and enhancing your performance skills. In addition, Eric gives his own heartfelt advice on the "business" side of the music business. Features: Drum Lesson chart, Bonus Solos, Live Concert Footage. ©2006, DVD, Running Time: 120 Minutes.