Engaging the Concert Audience

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A Musician's Guide to Interactive Performance

Publisher: Berklee Press

Format: Softcover & Online Media

Learn to engage, excite, captivate and expand your audience! These practical techniques will help you to communicate with your listeners on a deeper, more interactive level. As you do, the concert experience will become more meaningful, and the bond between you and your audience will grow.

Whether you are performing music for an audience, teaching a group of students, leading an ensemble, or just speaking publicly, your success as a performing musician directly depends on your ability to connect. Featuring real-life examples and eight actual concert transcripts from several different genres and performance settings, this text gives you the tools you need to deepend your impact, build an enduring relationship with your fans, and sustain a long-term musical career.

You will learn to: design concerts that capture and maintain your audience's atention • develop an engaging stage presence • create meaningful activities for your audience that increase their enjoyment and understanding of your material • communicate as an amabassador across cultures and languages • become more engaging, interactive, educational and memorable.

Engaging the Concert Audience propels us into the future with engaging thinking and masterful musicianship. These pages will lead you into fruitful and exciting thinking for navigating the waters of your performing career. David Wallace is my hero!” – Mark Wood, Emmy®-winning composer, platinum recording-artist, original member and lead violinist of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, collaborator with Celine Dion, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz.

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