Eminem "Talking"

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Eminem is fast-becoming a superstar, after the record-breaking sales of his chart-topping album "The Eminem Show". Also the star of the film "8-Mile", he has received much critical acclaim for the semi-autobiographical role he plays in his debut movie . QUOTES INCLUDE:`I feel like this probably is my best album so far. This one is personal. I feel like I've grown and in order to survive in this game I've had to grow. Everything that happens in my life I'm able to take it and write about it and reflect it. Sometimes I wonder if I need drama in my life in order to make songs and keep writing.' EMINEM ON HIS NEW ALBUM THE EMINEM SHOW`I thought I was gonna go away and people was gonna forget. Some artists that go to jail, people forget about them. Their name ain't out there. I thought everything that I worked for could crumble, any day, you know? So that was nerve racking. I'm glad to not have it hanging over my head anymore. I wash my hands of it.'`I'm paranoid about anything of mine sounding like a track I just did or like anything else out there. I practically live in the studio, aside from spending time with Hailie. I always feel that I can improve something until I just get sick of it.'©2002, 136 pages.