Elstree Studios - A Celebration of Film and Television

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This is a tribute to almost a century of dedicated film and television production at the Elstree Studios. The renowned Elstree film studios have been home to some of the most successful and enduring television programs and films produced in the UK, from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and The Avengers, to, more recently, The King's Speech, Sherlock Holmes, and TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother.

With contributions from over 50 leading actors, directors, and behind-the-scenes personnel who have worked at the studio, including Sir Michael Caine, George Lucas, Barbara Windsor, and Sir Roger Moore, this book traces the studios' dramatic history, from Elstree's humble beginnings in 1924, through the golden age of film, tough times, and the threat of closure, to becoming London's go-to film and television studio today.

This fascinating history is lavishly illustrated with over 250 photographs and film stills from the Elstree Photographic Archive. Published in association with the Studios, this is a celebration of world-class film and TV, and provides an intriguing insight into the past glories and hurdles faced by Elstree Studios and the film and television industry, looking forward to an exciting future.

Morris Bright is the chairman the board of directors for Elstree Studios. Paul Burton is an author, producer, and historian, and the author of Eric Morecambe: Lost and Found.

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