Electric Guitar Construction

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Q.: What on earth would make someone want to build an electric guitar from scratch? Can't you just buy one cheaper?
A.: Well sure, but with this definitive book on the subject as your guide, your can create your own axe masterpiece, with the precise finish, the exact pickups, and the custom hardware you've always wanted. Plus, you'll have the indescribable satisfaction of knowing you created something cool out of nothing. And that sure beats buying off the rack! Organized logically from start to finish, this helpful guide will assist you every step of the way; from the design and planning stage to the final setup, each step in the process is written about in abundant detail, with hundreds of photographs, and special full-color sections on wood selection and finishing. Also includes a glossary of terms, an index of materials suppliers, and much more!Tom Hirst built his first guitar in 1989 with his company Trademark Strings Instruments. He currently works for Stewart-MacDonald Guitar Supply in Athens, Ohio as a technical advisor. ©2002, 168 pages.