Editing and Postproduction

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"Editing & Post-Production" examines, through example, the craft of cutting and how films are created in the cutting room.Fifteen internationally-acclaimed editors discuss their work in film, revealing fascinating anecdotes and tricks of the trade, as well as the impact recent video technology has had on their profession. From the technical aspects of selecting takes, viewing the rushes, setting up the cutting room and creating efficient systems to the relationships involved with the script itself, the composer, the producer and the director, this beautifully designed book is an intriguing insight into the role of the editor and the post-production team. It will inspire professionals, students, and movie buffs alike.Contents:
Introduction; Ralph Winters; Yoshinori Ota; Walter Murch; Anne Coates; Cecile Decugis; Paul Hirsch; Jacques Witta; Jim Clark; Dede Allen; Pietro Scalia; Jill Bilcock; William Chang; Skip Lievsay; Mark Berger; Glossary; Picture Credits; Index ©2001, 208 pages.