Easy Guitar Theory DVD

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Play, Write and Understand Music Theory For Guitar After decades of dedicated music study... 17 years of teaching music... over a dozen best selling music books and DVDs, expert musician and educator Mark John Sternal has created a guitar theory method that simplifies the foundations and structure for playing, writing and understanding music for the guitarist. Easy Guitar Theory DVD contains all you need to know about music theory on the guitar. It is presented in a progressive, easy to follow format that will be cherished by complete beginners to dedicated professionals. "A must for every guitarist!" PLAYING LEVEL: All (even if you can only play 1 note) STRUCTURE:
  • Notation
  • Intervals
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Triads BONUS FEATURES: Ear training and sight reading exercises for melody, harmony and triads. Key Changes. ©2009, DVD. Chord Extensions Circle of Fifths
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