Ear Training - A Complete Course for the Jazz, Rock & Pop Musici

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Book/3-CD Pack Tom van der Geld's Eartraining is encyclopedic in its coverage from A to Z of the basics of jazz theory; it is systematic to such a degree that a student can work by him or herself with the book alone; it can be used as an excellent text with assignments and the like for a formal classroom situation; it covers the ear, theoretical application and even rhythm to some degree. It is the combination of all these elements which makes this book mandatory for the beginning student of both jazz and popular music. Contents include lessons on the chromatic scale, major scale and key centres, intervals and modes as well as developing skills in basic rhythm and jazz harmony. Each lesson is divided into 3 parts: relevant theoretical background, musical examples on compact disc and dictation exercises. Foreword, Introduction, Chromatic Scale, Rhythm Studies (1), Major Scale and Key Centers, Intervals and Inversions, Modes, Rhythm Studies (2), Triads, Rhythm Studies (3), Diatonic Seventh Chords, Secondary Dominants, Deminished Seventh Chord, Acknowledgments, Appendix, Solutions Book & 3 CDs.