DVD Production

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DVD is today's hottest digital storage technology, not simply in the home video market, but also in corporate, advertising, video production, multimedia, and a host of related fields. If you're involved in presentation, entertainment, or communication, for business or for consumers, DVD is a technology you can't afford to ignore."The authors have covered a very wide field in an authoritative and interesting fashion, adding considerably to the knowledge base of a complex subject. Even experienced professionals will learn from this book and the casual reader may be encouraged to take the plunge and get involved in DVD publishing. Thoroughly recommended" Bob Auger, Electric Switch* A practical real-world guide to understanding and producing
* A valuable reference for experienced DVD professionals
* A concise, accessible introduction to DVD for both enthusiasts and those working in related fields
* Answers all your questions concerning DVD technology and processes
* Contains a free trial version of DVDit! authoring software from Sonic SolutionsWith "DVD Production", you get both a comprehensive introduction to DVD and a practical, real-world resource for bringing titles to market. The book begins with an in-depth look at the DVD family of formats (DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, etc.), as well as extensions such as Web-connected DVD, giving you an insider's understanding of DVD's capabilities. From there, you learn step-by-step about the DVD production process, from the preparation of source materials to the making of a final master.
The book also outlines requirements for DVD tools and production environments, helping you to tailor your facility to meet your expected DVD needs. Whether you are a content publisher, a media professional, or
simply a DVD enthusiast, "DVD Production" covers everything you need to discover DVD's rich potential. ©2000, 192 pages. |