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A complete run through two Yamaha DTX e-drums: The DTXPRESS IV Special, and the DTXPLORER at the hands of drum wizard and senior Yamaha dude, Jim Haler. Divided into two sections, DTXPosed! first looks at the budget kit the DTXPLORER, showing you how it sets up, offering advice on playing e-drums in general, demonstrating each kit voice, how to build user kits, and much more. Section B looks at the DTXPRESS IV Special; also demonstrating every single kit voice available before looking at basic editing, advanced editing, click options, Groove Check, Trigger editing and much more. The DVD runs for more than 1 hr 30 minutes, and contains a wealth of expert advice and lots of playing. If you already have a DTX kit this DVD will act as a complete guide to the power now at your fingertips. If you" re contemplating one of these electronic drum kits then this is your personal guide to what" s on offer, and which is best for your application, music level, and price point. ©2007, DVD, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes.