Drumset - Rudiments (Book/CD)

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Learn the basic techniques in a fun way! Supposedly rudiments are the necessary basis for playing the drums at all... but for students who are not so advanced, it's an absolute mystery why they have to struggle with what they feel to be boring technical exercises when all they really want to do is just play. But the rudiments are not boring at all if you can apply the new figure you've learned in its simple form directly to the drum set, relating it to grooves or fills from familiar music. This book can be introduced early in the instructional process or used as a supplement if you're learning on your own. As soon as the first contact with notation has been made and you're playing your first grooves, you can then have fun jumping into the world of rudiments. To this end, this book is separated into two "Tours." Tour 1 contains simple exercises for the beginner, while Tour 2 is directed at the advanced student who extensively knows and plays the rudiments. Includes Book and CD!! ""©2003, 104 pages/CD