Drumset Duets by Dom Famularo

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Drumset Duets by Dom Famularo with Stephane Chamberland Drumset Duets is the perfect way to make music with another drummer! Containing 100 different 2-bar duets, the book is perfect for teachers to use with students, and for friends to play with each other. Each duet consists of a 2-bar "A" pattern to be played by the first drummer, and a complementary 2-bar "B" pattern to be played by the second drummer-and all the pattenrs have been designed by Dom Famularo to sound like one great unison groove when played together. The accompanying MP3 disc contains both "A" and "B" grooves recorded individually, so that you can practice along with either part, as well as a recorded example of both grooves together. With Drumset Duets, you can develop your groove and start playing cool, musical grooves with your teacher, students, and friends! ©2011, Book & CD-ROM. Other Title by Dom:
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