Drumming in a Band – Stuff You Can Use

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A Fun and Unique Learning Experience for Drummers to Work on Any Style of Music at Any Level

Publisher: Hudson Music

Publisher Code: HDBK62


Product Number: 00391273

Format: Softcover & Online Media

ISBN: 9781705156841

Drumming in a Band: Stuff you Can Use, by Rob Mitzner, can prepare drummers to play almost any kind of gig. The target audience is drummers with 2 or more years of playing experience who want to learn to play in a band.

All of the material presented comes from the author's real-world experience in recording sessions and band situations. Based around “Groove Workshops” that include 53 bass/drums groove play-alongs, styles explored include rock, drum'n'bass, R&B/soul, reggae, World, roots, blues, jazz, odd time, and more. Within these styles, specific substyles and classic influences are examined, with grooves and rhythm section approaches used by Billy Cobham, James Brown, Steve Jordan, David Garibaldi, J Dilla, Robert Glasper, Art Blakey, and many others. Other substyles studied include bluegrass, New Orleans Second Line, boogaloo, blues, various shuffles, grungy rock, jazz brushes, and much more.

The package also includes 18 full-length original song play-along tracks with New York bands and top session players, including Woodhead, Simon Garrett, Dave Ross, Luke Buck, Andrea Capozzoli, MC Frontalot, Will Reynolds, Eric Price, Michael Gallant, Lars Potteiger, Chris Cheek, Dmitry Ishenko, Yana Davydova, Matthew Milligan, John Shannon, Jared Sims, Gaby Alter, Schaffer the Darklord and Miss Eaves.

Audio files with and without drums are included for every groove, along with detailed charts, transcriptions, road maps and lead sheets. There is also a section on how to make your own charts. There is video and analysis for every track, with interviews, anecdotes, and pro tips for the drummer from all the various musicians. ©2022, 170 pages

Product Details:

• 175 pages total

• 73 videos and over 150 mp3 audio files

• Charts, transcriptions and road maps (and how to create your own)

• Interviews with all the musicians on the drummer's role in the band