Drum Tips, Part II DVD

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The DRUM TIPS series brings together several of the world s greatest drummers, each providing his own drumming insights, techniques, and philosophies to a power-packed program. This DVD focuses on two different styles of drumming, allowing you to compare and contrast the secrets of each of these great musicians. Double Bass Drumming features in-depth practical information from several experienced professionals who offer their tips on developing your double bass drumming techniques. This section features Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips, Rod Morgenstein, and Joe Franco as they come together to discuss their tips on exercises, beats, fills, and soloing ideas. This section is great for exposing the ultimate beginner to the world of double bass drumming as well as a refresher to help sharpen the skills of those experienced players. Funky Drummers follows four of the most influential drummers through three decades of funk drumming. This stylistic journey begins with the soul-jazz influenced funk of the early 70s with Mike Clark and bassist Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock). The program then focuses on the legendary Oakland strokes of David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), continues on into the heavy pocket of Dennis Chambers (Parliament Funkadelic), and evolves into the 90 \'s funk-rock hybrid of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Chad Smith and bassist Flea. Each drummer discusses their own personal style while demonstrating some of the most modern and influential grooves in the world. SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: * Additional Video Tip * Artist Video Preview * The Making Of Burning For Buddy * Additional Product Previews * Internet Connectivity. ©2002, DVD. Download now at: Drum Tips Part 2: Double Bass Drumming & Funky Drummers