Drum Atlas: Cuba

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Your passport to a new world of music. Cuban music is experiencing a surge in international popularity as people from all over the world are drawn to its incredibly catchy rhythms. Musicians know that playing Cuban music requires a relaxed, yet steady, feel for the clave , the underlying groove that is not always easy for newcomers to grasp. Drum Atlas: Cuba will teach you how to internalize the clave and build layer upon layer of rhythm on its foundation, all the while showing you how to incorporate those infectious Cuban rhythms into your drumset playing. Start by adapting traditional conga rhythms to the snare drum, then add bass drum, tom-toms, hi-hat, cymbal, and cowbell to the mix. Even if you are not primarily a Cuban-style drummer, you" ll find that studying these rhythms will help your sense of syncopation and limb independence. Sample bass and piano parts are included so you can try out these rhythms with your band. With the many varieties of Cuban styles in this book, you" ll have plenty of opportunities to play a truly authentic Cuban sound. ©2008, Book & CD.