Drawing and Rendering for Theatre

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Product Overview

Practical Course for Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Designers Drawing and Rendering for Theatre, A Practical Course for Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Designers is designed for those of you who are theatrical designers and want to improve your drawing and rendering skills. This gorgeous full-color book includes many examples of student drawings, analyzed and critiqued for areas that need improvement. It also includes numerous examples of design renderings by professional theatrical designers. In addition to the general sections on drawing and painting, it includes separate chapters on costume, scenic, and lighting rendering that include information specific to these design areas. Features & Benefits:
  • Beautiful four color book!
  • Learn the drawing and painting skills you need to express your costume, lighting, or scenery ideas
  • Examples of drawings critiqued for improvement
  • Samples of professional design renderings ©2007, 288 pages.
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