Dog Daze - Dog Relaxation

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Remember the quote, Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast? These gift book/CD combos bring that concept to life! Each book includes 96 pages of colour photos of dogs or cats, along with witty quotations about pets or life in general. But the REAL stars of Dog Daze and Cat Naps (MS1003) are the audio CDs. Scientists in Japan have developed special music to soothe and relax your pet. This music - which to our ears resembles Japanese New Age music - has been tested and designed to calm dogs and cats, and includes additional sounds which are beyond the hearing range of humans. The idea being that pet owners leave the CD on 'repeat' while they are away from home, and they come back to a relaxed dog or cat! ©2006, Hardcover, Book & Audio CD, 96 pages. Makes a Great Gift!!!!!