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Tona de Brett, internationally renowned singing teacher, presents her teaching material, worked through with stars of rock, jazz and musicals who seek help with their voices. Tona de Brett deals with the various aspects of voice-production through a wealth of exercises and examples. The working in the Studio section by Tom West will help singers prepare for the recording studio. This book includes special exercises: Warming up, Breathing technique, Intonation, Interpretation, Articulation Tona de Brett has taught, among others: Adam Ant, Basia, Tears for Fears, Dido, Annie Lennox (Eurythmics), Paul Hardcastle, Tanita Tikaram, Bananarama, Richard Parfitt (Status Quo), Rick Astley, Andy Summers (Police), Jonny Rotten (Sex Pistols), Seal, Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson (Jobs for the Girls), Paul Young, Martine McCutcheon, Billy Introduction, Part one: Learning to Sing: Must I learn to Read Music?, Practice makes Perfect, Breathing Exercises, Your Body, Your Dreams, Aural Awareness, Musicianship, Vocal Register, Imitation, Karaoke, Strain, The Microphone, Personality, Preparing to Perform, Performance, Choosing a Teacher, Part two: Basic Exercises: Exercises 1-14, Part three: Vocal Flexibility: Exercises 1-9, Word Exercises, Studio work: Sound Engineers, Multitrack Tape Recorders, Studio Microphones, Effects, The Recording Session, Performing in the Studio, The Recording ©1996. Book & CD.