Dimebag Darrell: Riffer Madness DVD

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This long-awaited DVD tribute to the Godfather of modern metal is finally here. Based on Dime" s best selling instructional book Riffer Madness, (WB784) this DVD is hosted by Dime's co-writer, good friend and protege, metal maestro Nick Bowcott. This DVD is a MUST for all Dimebag Darrell fans!!! Nick covers 97 riffs and patterns, killer rhythm guitar, power grooves and pick squeals, psychotic syncopation, holes of silence, chromatics, diabolical dyads, and much more! The DVD includes printable PDF TAB, an exclusive interview with Dime" s wife Rita Haney, and TWO long lost one-on-one special footage of Dime teaching some of his most classic licks. ©2011, DVD Download now at: Dimebag Darrell: Riffer Madness