Digital Video for the Desktop

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Product Overview

Digital Video for the DesktopPractical, step-by-step approach featuring workshop sessions
  • Overview of techniques for a variety of editing and special effects applications
  • Free CD-ROM with sample software
  • With the advent of sophisticated compression technology and expanded hard-disk data storage, broadcast quality video is now available on the desktop. Using this technology and any one of a number of affordable computer-based video editing systems, the opportunities for the independent video maker have never been greater. Digital Video for the Desktop is a practical introduction to creating and editing high quality video on the desktop. Using examples from a variety of video applications, the reader is guided, step-by-step, through a series of workshops demonstrating the techniques involved, from producing short films, to multimedia and Internet presentations, animated graphics and special effects. No prior knowledge of the technology is assumed, with explanations provided in an easy to understand manner. The author provides an overview of the hardware and software needed and describes how to output completed projects to the Internet, CD-ROMs, Zip and Jaz discs and videotape. The following software is covered:
  • Realtime compression: Codecs
  • Editing, including transitions and special effects: Adobe Premiere, Ulead MediaStudio, Corel Lumiere
  • 2D Animation: Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Fractal Design Painter, Power Goo
  • 3D Animation: Ray Dream Studio, MetaCreations Poser and Bryce 3D
  • Frame stack editing: Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter
  • Still image frame editing: CorelDRAW, Fractal Design Painter
  • Audio creation, editing and mixing: Cool Edit, Goldwave and Multiquence The accompanying CD-ROM provides sample software for Adobe Premiere 5.0, Cool Edit 96, Goldwave 4.02 and Multiquence 1.02. ©1999, 224 pages.