Digital TV Over Broadband, Second Edition

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Product Overview

"Digital TV Over Broadband: Harvesting Bandwith" offers a clear overview of how technological developments are revolutionizing television. It details the recent shift in focus from HDTV to a more broadly defined DTV and to the increasing importance of webcasting for interactive television. Digital Television examines the recent industry toward a combination of digital services, including the use of the new bandwidth for additional channels of programming, as well as some high definition television.The book discusses the increasingly rapid convergence of telecommunications, television and computers and the important role of the web in the future of interactive programming. This new edition not only covers the new technology, but also demonstrates practical uses of the technology in business models.Contents:
* The Digital Destiny
* From Show Biz to Show Bits
* Digitology 101
* Digital Shape Shifting: The ManyForms of DTV
* Two-faced TV: The Interactive Promise
* From Network TV to Networked TV
* Fiber Fever: The Growth of Global Networks
* Wired and Wireless Bitpipes
* Next Generation Networks
* Living Digitally
* From Reel (Movies) to Real (Networks)
* Cache Flow: From Bitstreams to Revenue Streams
* Brave New WWWorld