Digital Signal Processing - Fundamentals and Applications

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This textbook presents digital signal processing (DSP) principles, applications, and hardware implementation issues, emphasizing achievable results and conclusions through the presentation of numerous worked examples, while reducing the use of mathematics for an easier grasp of the concepts. Features include:
  • Real-time implementation of DSP algorithms using DSP processors
  • MATLAB programs for simulations and C programs for real-time DSP
  • Coverage of adaptive filtering with applications to noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • Applications of DSP to multimedia applications - such as u-law and adaptive differential pulse code modulation, sampling rate conversions, transform coding, image and video processing - show the relevance of DSP to a key area in industry ?This text gives students in electronics, computer engineering and bioengineering an understanding of essential DSP principles and implementation, demonstrating how the subject is fundamental to engineering as practiced today. ©2007, 840 pages.
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