Digital Performer Power!

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Take a look under the hood of Electronic Musician magazine's Best Digital Audio Sequencer Software for three years running. Digital Performer Power! gives readers an overview of audio and MIDI as well as detailed guidance on everything from optimizing setup to mixing arrangements down into a stereo master mix. Author Steve Thomas delves deep into the topic, giving readers the information they need to master and enhance their musical creativity. This book provides not only the "how" behind Digital Performer's functions but also the "why, " so that readers actually understand the concepts behind the program. This enables readers to quickly and efficiently master this complex sequencer and get the most out of the product. The comprehensive, in-depth explanations and easy-to-understand layout of the material make this an enjoyable and thorough way to learn the complete capabilities of Digital Performer. The Power! series brings readers to an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the technology, turning the intermediate user into a Power! user. ©2004, 436 pages