Digital Filmmaking, Second Edition

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"Digital Filmmaking" has been called the bible for professional filmmakers in the digital age. It details all of the procedural, creative, and technical aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production within a digital filmmaking environment. It examines the new digital methods and techniques that are redefining the filmmaking process, and how the evolution into digital filmmaking can be used to achieve greater creative flexibility as well as cost and time savings. The second edition includes updates and new information, including four new chapters that examine key topics like digital television and high definition television, making films using digital video, 24 P and universal mastering, and digital film projection."Digital Filmmaking" provides a clear overview of the traditional filmmaking process, then goes on to illuminate the ways in which new methods can accomplish old tasks. It explains vital concepts, including digitization, compression, digital compositing, nonlinear editing, and on-set digital production and relates traditional film production and editing processes to those of digital techniques. Various filmmakers discuss their use of digital techniques to enhance the creative process in the "Industry Viewpoints" sections in each chapter .Contents:
From Filmmaking To Digital Filmmaking; Introduction To Digital Filmmaking; Scripting, Breakdown, Scheduling, and Budgeting; Previsualization; The Technology of Film; Timecode on Film, Computerized Cameras, Motion Control, and Pre-editorial During Production; The Tradition Filmmaking Postproduction Process; The Film Laboratory; The Digital, Nonlinear Postproduction Process; The Film-Digital-FIlm COnnection; Independent Filmmaking for Television and Film Presentations; Digital Television and High Definition Television; Making films using Digital Video; 24 P and Universal Mastering; Digital Film Projection; Glossary; Bibliography; Index. ©2000, 368 pages