Desktop Cinema: Feature Filmmaking On a Home Computer

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Product Overview

Although the number of budding filmmakers and the availability of digital video technology are growing, there are currently no books that encapsulate the process of creating a feature-length film using only a video camera and a home computer. Whether you are an amateur filmmaker or a computer enthusiast, Desktop Cinema: Feature Filmmaking on a Home Computer shows you how to create a feature or short film from start to finish using only home computer technology. Using his own film, "Able Edwards, " as a model, the author illustrates step-by-step each stage of the filmmaking process, covering story, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. This book shows you how to explore and use the readily available software and other technology tools effectively. The author's use of his own film makes the processes involved seem realistic and attainable and allows you to really see what works and what doesn't. An accompanying CD/DVD that features both the "Able Edwards" trailer and green screen reveals make Desktop Cinema: Feature Filmmaking on a Home Computer a comprehensive guide to digital filmmaking. Features:
  • Written for amateur filmmakers, computer enthusiasts, and anyone interested in making their own short or feature-length films using only their home computer, a camera, and a green screen.
  • Illustrates step-by-step how to make a feature film using only consumer technology and little to no money.
  • Author is an experienced and well-known filmmaker who created the feature-length film "Able Edwards" using the steps and processes he covers in the book.
  • Each stage of the filmmaking process is covered and illustrated, from story creation to distribution, using "Able Edwards" as an example.
  • Accompanying CD/DVD features both the trailer for "Able Edwards" and green screen reveals. ©2005, 350 pages. Book & CD/DVD
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