Cubase SX/SL 2 Iginite!

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This is the perfect companion for users just starting out with either Cubase SL or SX. It is also a great solution for current users looking to get up to speed on the newest features of this version. Readers are able to grasp not only the functionalities but concepts behind the software. Contains many large screenshots with numbered callouts explaining what is happening in the illustration. The simplified explanation throughout makes it easy for eager learners to get through the information quickly so they can start using the software effectively! About the Author: Chris Hawkins has been involved in the music profession for over 10 years as a musician and engineer. Over the past few years, he has volunteered his time to support Steinberg, the Germany-based company that develops and manufactures Cubase, and related products on Steinberg" s support forums at Chris has also conducted in-store demos in Vancouver for Steinberg Canada. Apart from helping Steinberg, he is also the founder and publisher of Streamworks Audio, an online magazine for recording hobbyists and professionals ( Chris currently lives in Nagoya, Japan. ©2004, 344 pages.