Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drumset - The Essentials

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Format: Book & DVD-ROM
Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drumset by Aldo Mazza is a condensed study of the most popular rhythms and dances of Cuba.
From basic grooves and rhythmic structures, to ensemble orchestrations of traditional Cuban percussion, the book sheds new light on Cuban music. Packaged with a DVD-ROM containing 75 play-along audio tracks and 30 video clips, this book equips you with the necessary tools to start playing Cuban rhythms.
Aldo Mazza's Bio:
  • Founder & Artistic Director of KoSA Communications and the KoSA International Percussion Workshops and Festivals
  • Cofounder & Artistic Director of the KoSA Cuba Workshop and Festival
  • Creator of KoSA Drum parties and corporate drum events
  • Composer, Record Producer, Publisher and Editor
  • Director of Events Management Enterprise – KoSA Communications
  • Subject of many articles in major magazines,books and newspapers including McLeans, Percussive Arts (PAS) ,la Scena Musicale, the Montreal Gazette, Modern Drummer Magazine
  • Extensive 30 year touring and recording career
  • Active interest in global cultures and their interrelationships
  • Consultant to cultural entities
  • Involved member of Canada’s artistic community