Creative Recording 3: Recording on the Move

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Product Overview

With the technical innovations currently taking place in technology and recording software, no longer are we forced to spend a great deal of our time and finances on either hiring a studio, or expensive hardware to get the sound we want. Now, recording expert Paul White takes you through the myriad of systems and products available today to show you how simple it really is to set yourself up and record virtually without the need for indoor support. At the price of a bottom of the range mic cable, this is a bargain not to be missed. Recording On The Move is the third instalment of the hugely successful Creative Recording series. Creative Recording Volumes 1 and 2 are core syllabus texts at higher and further education establishments across the UK and the world. Teaches the ability to record real music at home, in the office, or even outdoors
  • Provides the basics to master mobile recording without professional qualifications
  • Easy to understand instructions on what set up is right for whatever standard of recording required. ©2004, 208 pages.