Crash Course in Digital Technology, 2nd Edition

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Crash Course in Digital Technology teaches the basics of digital electronics theory and circuits in an easy-to-understand format. Each chapter includes learning objectives, clear explanations and examples, and an end-of-chapter self-quiz. The drill-and-review software included with the book allows learners to test themselves on the contents of each chapter, providing a second reinforcement of the material. A final chapter teaches the basics of troubleshooting digital circuits. Louis Frenzel is an experienced electronics engineer and educator, as well as the author of many magazine articles and texts. He is currently an instructor at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.Contents: Digital Data; Digital Logic Elements; Basic Digital Circuits; Digital Integrated Circuits; Using Logic Gates; Combinational Logic Circuits; Flip-Flops and Applications; Sequential Circuits: Counters, Shift Registers, and One-Shots; Troubleshooting Digital Circuits. ©1996, 208 pages.