Country Riffs for Piano & Keyboards

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Country Riffs for Piano & Keyboards by Andrew D. Gordon is a book with 45 examples showing how to play professional sounding Country, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Blues, Country Rock and Country Pop styles. Learn to play fills or riffs to such Country favorites as: Rocky Top, San Antonio Rose, On The Road Again, Desperado, Sweet Home Alabama, Orange Blossom Special etc. The music on the CD is recorded with piano left hand on the left stereo channel and the piano right hand on the right stereo channel along with rhythm accompaniment of bass, drums, organ and either violin, banjo, guitar or accordion depending on the track. All the 45 examples are recorded with the accompaniment on their own and many of the examples are recorded a third time at a slowed down tempo. The Nashville Numbering System is also explained and how it is used in playing Country music. ©2001, Book & CD.