Counterpoint - Clawhammer Banjo Duets

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Counterpoint is a collection of banjo duets, where Miles has taken traditional melodies and created a second banjo part in counterpoint harmony. Counterpoint harmony (vs parallel harmony) has a rhythm and melody of its own, distinct from the main melody. The result is an exquisite sound that enriches these ancient melodies and breathes a revitalized life into them. When Pete Seeger heard it he said, "this is one of the most beautiful recordings I have heard in all my 70's enough to make me want to learn the banjo all over again." Titles:
  • Banish Misfortune ""
  • Cherokee Shuffle ""
  • Field Behind The Plough ""
  • Freight Train ""
  • Goin" Down The Road ""
  • Little Sadie ""
  • Medicine Show ""
  • Minuet - J.S. Bach
  • Planxty Denis O" Conor ""
  • Red Haired Boy ""
  • Shady Grove ""
  • Soldier" s Joy ""
  • Suite de Schottishes ""
  • Wachet Auf - J.S. Bach
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast ""
  • Wind That Shakes The Barley ©2011, 48 pages.
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