Cool School Interactus Vol. 1

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Product Overview

This is Volume 1, in a series of interactive CD-ROMs. Which were designed to provide the basic education necessary in the operation of digital audio workstations. It's a fun, open-ended learning tool, and could be beneficial to anyone in the music business. This CD-ROM features many Digidesign(R) products, spotlighting Digi as the forerunner in the world of disk based digital audio. Cool Breeze Systems, an official third party Development Partner with Digidesign(R) has independently created a very hip, cutting-edge interface that has been optimized to promote quick and thorough understanding of the subject matter. While combining sounds, graphics, moving pictures and technology the authors educate the user on the fundamentals of sound, computer basics, MIDI, digital audio, synchronization, system upkeep, Pro Tools(R), Sound Designer II(tm), and SampleCell II(tm). The CD-ROM also has a special section promoting Digidesign (R) third party Development Partners for exposure and highlights of new products, and a section devoted to Digidesign (R) training affiliates.
Packed with killer graphics, CSI vol. 1 includes over 90 movie tutorials, 500 pictures and flow charts with a bonus glossary of over 1, 200 terms.