Conversations In Clave

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The Ultimate Technical Study of Four-Way Independence in Afro-Cuban Rhythms. "Conversations in Clave" is the ultimate technical study of four-way independence based on Afro-Cuban rhythms. This detailed and methodical approach will develop four-limb coordination and expand your rhythmic vocabulary. Understanding the clave and the relationship between eighth-note and triplet rhythms will help you master the mutliple and complex rhythms of Afro-Cuban styles. This rhythmic style dates back before the drum set was invented, but today one drummer has the ability to cover the sounds and language of the entire Afro-Cuban percussion section. However, you must first develop the skills and master the freedom to move within the music. By studying the exercises in this book, and most of all listening to the music, you will enhance your playing in all styles as you gain facility and indpendence on the drum kit. ©2000, 136 pages. Book & CD.