Conga Basics - Book & CD

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"Conga Basics - Book & CD" will teach you the basic stroke techniques for the conga that origins from deep within Latin-America. The included photos are a solid help for you to quickly turn your first tries into exciting rhythms of various musical styles ""€“ from Latin-American music to rock and pop. ©2011, Book & CD, 64 pages. Contents: Part 1 The origin The instrument How to hold the congas Playing the congas standing up Part 2 The playing techniques The posture Open tone (OT) Preparatory exercise for the open tone Notation The first practice rhythm The second practice rhythm The third practice rhythm The bass tone (BT) Open tone and bass tone The mute tone (MT) Bass tone, open tone and mute tone Closed slap (CS) Open tone and closed slap Open tone, bass tone, mute tone and closed slap The open slap (OS) Open tone and open slap Open tone, bass tone, mute tone, closed slap and open slap The floating hand technique Part 3 The rhythms The Indian Easy Beat Tumbao Rock Pop Slow Beat Soul PH House Disco Dance Samba Brazil Shuffle Slow Country Fox Country/Bluegrass Hip Hop One Hip Hop Shuffle Highlife Afro Afro Six-Eight Latin Tumbao Swing Slow Fox Cha Cha Fast Samba Son Montuno Tumbao Easy Rumba Guaguanco Easy CD tracklist