Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People)

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Don't Let Disagreements Break Up Your Band!

Mishandled conflict can easily escalate, but managed well - it can be a powerful force for creativity.

In this book you'll learn concrete, essential conflict resolution skills including:

*How to recoginze and interpret four warning signs of conflict

*How to evaluate a conflict situation to know when to get help

*How to interpret feelings, needs, and strategies in conflict situations

*How to apply two Guiding Principles of conflict prevention and resolution

*How to follow a step-by-step path to successful Conflict Resolution

Also included are worksheets and other resources to help you navigate any conflict successfully.

"Conflict is part of being human and by its very nature is uncomfortable. But as this timely book shows, conflict needn't be fatal. It can be worked on and through Conflict Resolution for Musicians is a positive, useful and much needed addition to your tool kit for living - as music lovers, music makers, and human beings. Highly recommended!" - Sally-Anne Gross (Artist Manager, Business Music Consultant and Programme Director, MA Music Business Management, University of Westminster)

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