Concert Sound and Lighting Systems, Third Edition

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Concert Sound and Lighting Systems provides comprehensive coverage of equipment and setup procedures for touring concert systems. This new edition incorporates the continuing developments in concert sound and lighting systems, maintaining the premise that the reader has had no previous experience. The practical how-to illustrations teach the reader about the equipment, and this thoroughly updated edition includes new equipment such as radio microphones, in-ear monitoring, digital audio products and digital lighting products.Contents: Introduction to the touring concert; Power; Rigging; Part 2 - Sound Systems; Speaker Systems; Power Amplifiers; Multicore System; Drive System; House Mixing Consoles; Effects Units; Inserts; Monitor Systems; Microphones and Direct Boxes; Sound System Setup Procedure; Part 3 - Lighting Systems; Trusses and Grids; Lamps; Dimmers; Control Cables; Control Consoles; Intercom Systems; Smoke Machines; Drapes; Follow Spots; Color; Lighting Plots; Lighting System Setup Procedure; Appendix; Glossary. ©1999, 208 pages.