Computer Sound Design

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This comprehensive introduction to software synthesis techniques and programming is intended for students, researchers, musicians, sound artists and enthusiasts in the field of music technology. Foreword by Jean-Claude Risset; Preface; Computer sound synthesis fundamentals; Loose modelling approaches: from modulation and waveshaping to Walsh and wavetable; Spectrum modelling approaches: from additive to analysis-resynthesis and formant; Source modelling approaches: from subtractive and waveguides to physical and modal; Time-based approaches: from granular and pulsar to PSOLA and statistical; Practical case studies and sound design secrets: from humanoid singing to Klingon phasers; Artificial intelligence, supercomputing and evolutionary computation: towards the cutting edge; Introduction to the software on the accompanying CD-ROM; Appendix 1: Mathematical specifications; Appendix 2: Formant values; Appendix 3: Artist's Inductive Machine Learning Algorithm; References; CD-ROM instructions ©2002, 222 pages. Book & CD-ROM.