Compression for Great Video and Audio, 2nd Edition

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Master Tips and Common Sense This is the complete resource if you need to get quality video and audio on the Web. It teaches you to improve the quality of your deliverables while understanding optimum workflow practices. Now in its second edition, Compression for Great Video and Audio keeps up with the the industry by covering MPEG-2, VC-1, and H.264. This book provides a single place where both novices and practiced hands can learn to get optimum video and audio compression done with minimum hassles. It starts with an introduction to the basic concepts of vision and hearing, applying that in the context of compression, then moves on to practical, applicable information on how to create, edit, and compress different kinds of video for different kinds of deliverables. Features:
  • New in the 2nd edition: VC-1, H.264, and mobile video
  • Clear examples throughout of how to make different choices for real-world projects
  • Covers multiple platforms form complete compression technology ©2009, 624 pages.
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