Composing with Finale

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Finale offers all the notation tools required to craft virtually any composition. Unfortunately, the imaginative ways these tools are used sometimes becomes an elaborate composition in itself! Composing with Finale shows you the essentials you'll need in order to make the most of this program's incredible power. Studying Finale from a compositional perspective eases the learning curve overall, transforming Finale into an extension of your imagination. Instead of describing procedures most beneficial to copyists and engravers, this book isolates the methods crucial to working with a composition in progress' how to efficiently translate directly from your mind to the score. Far from a 'point-and-click' guide, Composing with Finale will help you compose more music with one of the most advanced music-composition tools on the market. Features:
  • Not a comprehensive guide to Finale focuses on what composers really need to know to help them use Finale to make better music.
  • Unlike those other books on Finale, the book is aimed squarely at composers -- not at engravers, copyists, and other Finale users.
  • Eases the learning curve for composers, and helps them develop the skills necessary to see Finale as an extension of their imagination, rather than a difficult to use piece of computer software.
  • Provides simple step-by-step instructions for completing common Finale tasks. ©2008.
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