Complete Warm-Up for Classical Guitar

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This book contains short and concise exercises that you can use to warm-up before practice or performance, and for general technical advancement. It is divided into four sections, each section contains a description of the exercises and general instructions on how to play them. Sections include: I Arpeggios, II Scales, III Tremolo, and IV Slurs. The scale warm-ups are based on a two-octave, one-position scale that is shifted up and down the fretboard, and a simple one-position chromatic scale. The pull-off and hammer-on slurs are combined into one exercise to save time. There is close to an hour's worth of material if all the exercises are played with all of their variations at different tempos. Not everything needs to be played everyday, so the warm-up session can be as long as desired or as short as time allows. ©2013