Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines & Phrases

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Format: Book + Online Audio
An important addition to the improvising jazz guitarist's library, this thoughtful blend of text and musical examples focuses on the vocabulary of modern jazz and some of the applications of modern harmony. With examples written in standard notation and tablature, Jacobs offers instruction on bebop style phrases, playing fourths, inside-outside playing, pentatonic, whole-tone and symmetrical scales, slash chords, polychords, hip lines, fingerings and much more.
Includes access to online audio that presents the material in the text played with chord accompaniment. 
Idiomatic II or II-V Shapes/p. 21 (5:58)
Idiomatic V-I Resolution Shapes/p.24 (2:14)
Idiomatic I Major Shapes/p. 27 (2:07)
Sample Major Lines/p.35 (3:03)
Sample II-V-I Lines/p.39 (1:46)
Some Miscellaneous Bebop Styles/p.43 (2:54)
Major 7th Lines/p.48 (1:11)
Miscellaneous Phrases Common Program/p.51 (1:23)
Another Blues in F (Etude)/p.54 (1:06)
May the Fourths Be with You/p.56 (:26)
Triads (Fourth Triads)/p.60 (1:10)
The Pentatonic Scale & Fourths/p.62 (1:25)
Some Pentatonic Fourth Shapes/p.64 (1:45)
The Madness-The Method/p.78 (:55)
Ideas & Examples Pentatonic Sounds/p.81 (4:32)
Symmetrical Scales/p.95 (3:31)
The Magic Scale/p.100 (1:50)
Major Triads from Augmented Scale/p.104 (1:41)
Major Triads from Augmented (Magic) Scale/p.105 (3:29)
Augmented Scale Harmonies/p.109 (1:48)
The Diminished Scale/p.110 (4:04)
Diminished Scale Melodic Patterns/p.114 (5:12)
Diminished Scale Harmony/p.119 (3:48)
Whole Tone Scale/p.123 (:23)
Some Whole Tone Lines/p.127 (1:55)
The Chromatic Scale/p.131 (2:26)
Octave Displacement/p.137 (:59)
Polychords & Slash Chords/p.139 (7:52)
Blues 4 Poly (Etude)/p.148 (1:04)
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