Complete Book of Harmonic Extentions for Guitar

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Format: Softcover & Online Audio
Product Number: 96206M
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
ISBN: 978-07866-8609-4
Written as a sequel to Complete Book of Harmony, Theory, & Voicing, this comprehensive source book of harmonic styles and colors offers a wide variety of chord types and progressions, and provides an in-depth exploration of guitar chord voicings. Written in notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio.
Section I - Harmonic Concepts and Voicing Types

a)  Harmonic Foundations

Foundations for Various approaches and voicing structures to be examined, beginning with Chordal 
Enharmonics and Voice-leading. Includes musical examples; Exercise nos. 1 - 10 

b)  Voicing Sizes and String Combinations
Includes musical examples; Exercise nos. 11 - 14 

c)  Special Voicing Types
Including 7th-width/four-note structures, Fourth voicings, Upper-structure triads, Open-string  
voicings, Ninth (no 5) voicings, Pentatonic voicings, and Half-step voicings.
Includes musical examples; Exercise nos. 15 - 24 

Section II - Song Examples

Song Example 1  "II-V Blues" (exs. a, b, c, d, e, and t)

Song Example 2  "In Dee" (exs. a, b, and c)

ong Example 3  "Third Tune" (exs. a, b, and c)

Song Example 4  "Standard Thing" (exs. a, b, c, d, and e)

Song Example 5  "Chord-Wall Ballad"

Song Example 6  "Symmetrical Song" (exs. a and b) 

Song Example 7  "Green Standard" (exs. a, b, c, and d)  

Song Example 8  "One Piece"  

Song Example 9  "Latin Thing" (exs. a, b, and c) 

Song Example 10  "In Gee" (exs. a, b, c, and d)