Community Drumming for Health & Happiness

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"Community Drumming For Health and Happiness" with Jim Greiner is a fun, exciting and comprehensive video showing drummers of all levels how to join in the passio n and spirit of individual and community drumming. Jim Greiner demonstrates the fundamental techniques & patterns for a variety of hand percussion instruments. Part 1 - 60 Minutes Features basic and intermediate level instruction on the following: Traditional and contemporary techniques for congas and other hand percussion How to play relaxed and achieve clear and consistent sounds and patterns Listening and communicating within a group and "finding the groove" Part 2 - 23 Minutes: This segment incorporates the elements taught in Part 1 and allows the viewer to play along with a 50 person community drum circle for an extended period of time. Jim Greiner is a nationally know percussionist, educator, and drum circle leader based in Santa Cruz, CA. He has travelled throughout the U.S. as a performer, a clinician, an endorser for Latin Percussion, Inc., a percussion teacher and as a leader of team-building, motivational drumm ing events for corporations, conferences and communities through his company Hands-On! Drumming Events. ©2002, 83 minutes. VHS Video.