Classical Piano Solos - First Grade - John Thompson's Modern Course

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Piano Level: Early to Later Elementary

20 original pieces from the masters! The Classical Piano Solos series was compiled to correlate loosely with the Modern Course method and can be used to supplement any teaching method or situation. Features a mix of well-known pieces, including several from Bartok's method (co-authored in 1913 with Reschofsky) and Burgmuller's “Arabesque,” as well as lesser-known gems by composers like Melanie Bonis, Vincent d'Indy and Daniel Turk. Also includes two bonus pieces - by Gurlitt and Schmitt respectively - that have been adapted so that the beginning student can immediately start playing the classical repertoire.


  • Bartok: A Conversation
  • Bartok: Circle Song
  • Bartok: Copycat
  • Bartok: Rustic Dance
  • Bonis: Miaou! Ronron! from Album pour les Tout-Petits, Op. 103
  • Bonis: Mireille from Album pour les Tout-Petits, Op. 103
  • Burgmuller: Arabesque from 25 Progressive Etudes, Op. 100, No. 2
  • Gurlitt: Little Waltz from The Young Pianist's First Steps, Op. 82, No. 18 (Adapted)
  • Hainhofer: Echo Dance
  • Handel: Passepied in C Major, HWV 559
  • d'Indy: Two-Finger Partita from Pour les Enfants de tout age, Op. 74, No. 1, I
  • Kohler: Andantino, Op. 190, No. 27
  • Kohler: Market Dance from Practical Method for the Pianoforte, Op. 249, No. 27
  • Muller: Lyric Etude from 12 Leichte Handstucke, No. 3
  • Ryba: Little Invention
  • Schmitt: Raindrops (Adapted)
  • Schytte: Choral Etude from 25 Melodious Studies, Op. 108, No. 3
  • Schytte: Springtime from 25 Melodious Studies, Op. 108, No. 10
  • Turk: Bravery from Handstucke
  • Turk: I Feel So Sick and Faint from Handstucke
  • Turk: Innocence from Handstucke
  • Turk: The Echoing Castle from Handstucke

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