Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar, Traditional and Beyond

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This book, which contains more than 40 pieces, is intended for those guitarists who have broad interests. Based mainly in the traditional "classical" guitar style exemplified by Andres Segovia, the book also explores a variety of other genres, from the syncopated Brazilian rhythms of Bossa Nova to American blues, ragtime and jazz. It is intended to give the student a systematically presented technical foundation, while also building an enjoyable repertoire of attractive musical selections in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles. Titles include: Pomp and Circumstance; Habanera; The Can Can; Carcassi Nova; Romance of the Roses; The Trumpet Voluntary; Winter; Danny Boy; Pavane; South Beach Rumba, Part 1; Chromatic Rag; Teleman Canon... and many more. ©2002, Book & CD.