Classic Keyboard Riffs & Rhythms

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This book features 40 examples of various contemporary styles including: Blues, Jazz, Rock, Latin, R&B, Funk, Reggae, Country, Gospel and New Age. Whether you are learning to play piano, organ, synthesizer or electronic keyboard this book is for you! It will help the music student or musician take a certain style, analyze it and use it in an arrangement of any song they are learning or playing. Study how today's most popular contemporary keyboardists play in their particular styles. Learn how to read music, count rhythms correctly and understand and play all the most popularly played chords from the basic Major & Minor chords through to the 9th, 11th, 13th, chords and beyond, including the correct fingering for both hands and learning about scales & key signatures including the "Cycle of Fifth's".Included with the book is a CD of all 40 examples recorded at normal & slow tempos of the right & left hand parts as well as separate bass line and drum patterns. Book & Compact Disc.