Children of Bodum - Legendary Licks - Guitar Style of Alexi Laih

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Children of Bodum - Legendary Licks - TAB An Inside Look at the Guitar Style of Alexi Laiho Here is a comprehensive play-along package on the guitar style of Alexi Laiho. It contains note-for-note transcriptions and detailed performance notes on how to play a multitude of classic licks, fills, riffs, and solos, complete with recorded demonstrations. Slowed-down versions are also on the CD for the fast and tricky passages. Covers: Angels Don't Kill, Are You Dead Yet?, Downfall, Everytime I Die, Hate Crew Deathroll, Hellhounds on My Trail, In Your Face, Living Dead Beat, Needled 24/7, Sixpounder, Tie My Rope, and We're Not Gonna Fall, complete with gear setup info. ©2010, Book & CD, 88 pages