Charlie Christian - Second Edition

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Charlie Christian is regarded by many jazz historians as one of the major voices who shaped modern jazz in the early 1940s. Although he made only a few records before his tragic death at age 25, his brilliant improvisations, phenomenal rhythmic drive, and blues-influenced guitar playing had already changed the course of jazz - and the guitar's place in jazz - for all him. The first major soloist on the electric guitar, Christian elevated the instrument from its meager role in the rhythm section to a spirited force to be reckoned with.Updated and expanded, Peter Broadbent's second edition of this book details the full importance of Christian's brief life, from the start of his fortuitous encounter with John Hammond, to his role in the Benny Goodman Big Band and Sextet.Illustrated throughout with great photos and important documents, the book also features a new authoritative discography. A must-read for anyone interested in the history of jazz and the jazz guitar. ©2003, 194 pages.