Cello Chords, Rhythms and Backups for Fiddle Tunes

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Format: Softcover + Online Audio
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
ISBN: 978-15134-6525-8
Eclectic cellist, Renata Bratt, has written the ultimate book for the fiddling cellist, this time from the perspective of an accompanist. Herein, you’ll find the theoretical and technical foundation for everything you need to creatively back up the lead players in a fiddle jam session, not to mention playing the lead yourself. This progressive method includes detailed fingerings and bowings for traditional fiddle tunes like: Salt Creek, Jenny Dang the Weaver, The Water Is Wide, The Girl I left Behind Me, The Road to California, Mason’s Apron, and Green Grows the Laurel – plus three jigs and a slip-jig.

Accompaniment elements include single chord-tone backup, bluegrass bass style, 2 and 3-note chords and arpeggios in the common fiddling keys, one and two-measure rhythmic bowing patterns, the Charleston rhythm, the traveling beat, and many variations of the ever-popular chop bowing technique. With the knowledge and experience conveyed by this book, a cellist can become a valuable asset to any musical group no matter the style!

Includes access to 100 online audio tracks expertly played by the author.
©2020, 52 pages
Scales, Intervals, Arpeggios and Chords 
Common Fiddle Keys: Scales, Chords and Arpeggios 
Chord Names Above the Tune: Salt Creek 
Major and Minor Chords, Root Position 
Chord Accompaniment, Root Position: Salt Creek 
Reel/Hoedown Rhythms: On-the-Beat and Syncopated Patterns 
Chords in Scale Sequence, Charleston Rhythm in Key of C and G 
Chords in Scale Sequence, Charleston Rhythm in Key of D and A 
Syncopated and On-the-Beat Rhythmic Patterns: Jenny Dang the Weaver 
Inverted Major and Minor Chords: 3rd and 5th on the Bottom 
Chords with Root, 3rd and 5th on the Bottom: The Water Is Wide 
Two-String Chord Tones: Major and Minor 
Two-String Chord Tones: The I IV V I in Major Fiddle Tune Keys 
Two-String Chord Tones in Key of G with Two-Measure Rhythmic Patterns: The Girl I Left Behind Me  
Two-String Chord Tones in Key of D with One-Measure Rhythmic Patterns: The Road to California 
Two-String Chord Tones in Key of A with Rock Beat Patterns: Mason’s Apron 
Bowing Rhythmic Patterns in Cut Time 
Varied Two-Measure Rhythmic Patterns: The Road to California 
Chopping Introduction: The Big Beat on 3! 
Big Beat Chop Accompaniment: Jenny Dang the Weaver 
Chopping on 2 and 4: The Traveling Beat 
Using the Traveling Beat Chop: The Water Is Wide 
Chopping: Two-Measure Accompaniment Patterns 
Using Two-Measure Chop Patterns: The Girl I Left Behind Me 
Accompanying Tunes in 3 (Waltz Beat), Chords and Arpeggios: Green Grows the Laurel 
Accompanying Tunes in 3 (Rhythmic Beat): Smolen Polska 
Jig Rhythms: Long-Short and Short-Long 6/8 Patterns 
Jig Rhythms, Long-Short, Syncopated and Two-Measure Patterns: John Naughton’s Jig 
Jig Rhythms with Chops 
Jig Chop Rhythms: Magpie Jig 
Syncopated and Chop Jig Patterns: Mrs McGhee
Accompanying Slip Jigs: The Butterfly